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Krithica Sachdev is a Real Estate Consultant and a Specialist in the real estate belt, on luxury residential markets across Mumbai. Her firm, Mumbai Residential Properties, is a Real Estate Consultancy Firm — that advises individuals, corporates to make the right choices and decisions for all their real estate requirements.

The firm assists them with consultation and management in Real Estate be it renting/leasing properties, making a purchase or sale of properties, and further provide relevant and comprehensive information on the property markets and endeavour to simplify the process of real estate which is an important decision in everyone’s life.

Stay tuned to read more about Krithica’s firm, the story of starting her own firm and her e-book — The Incredible Mindset.

Tell us more about your firm, Mumbai Residential Properties.

Ours is a real estate consultancy firm and we assist individuals and corporates with anything and everything to do with real estate — be it buying properties, selling a property, renting a property, leasing a property, investing in properties. We enable them to make the right decisions for all the real estate propositions. Most importantly, we also share with them what’s going on in the markets, and where the market is heading and what should they expect while they put in or park their hard-earned savings. We’re always there, to guide them, and help them make their decisions better, and more proactively.

What has been the story behind founding your firm? And what has been the motivation behind becoming an entrepreneur?

So, when I was very young, I used to go to my late father’s office and sit on his chair and enact like a business woman. But as time passed, I settled into a family, I became a happy homemaker and I forgot everything about that. Until in 1999, when my family went under a major financial crisis, and I decided to step out and build a career for myself. Little did I know what’s in store for me, because at that point in time, I was not mentally prepared. And so I picked up a job as a playschool teacher, with very little time on hand, because I was also shouldering so many other responsibilities at home and a four-year-old child. My take-home was a mere 1000 rupees a month. Whenever I received my paycheck, I always wanted to add a zero to it. After I quit teaching, I worked as a tele-caller with the ITC, Grand Maratha Sheraton. And after that, I moved on to Le Meridien as a business development manager. Still, I wasn’t happy at heart with what I was doing. As a business development manager, I was good as a telesales executive and I was doing very well in sales. However, there was no peace of mind.

So I joined a huge showroom that sold furniture as a sales manager and I was happily interacting with customers. It gave me a real boost. I was good at sales always. And this interaction was one on one with customers. So yes, I did succeed in adding one more zero, but it didn’t end. I wanted more from life and I just did not want to settle for anything less. I then moved into the International BPO industry, Sutherland Global Services, those days BPOs were the talk of the town. I joined the HR department of the BPO. But I knew there’s something more that I wanted to do about my professional career. I felt that I was done playing it small. I wanted to be my own boss. So I took a leap of faith, I quit my job, and I started on my own as a recruitment consultancy. And unfortunately, after a year of dedicated hard work as a recruiter, as an HR personnel, I realized that the key to my success was in somebody else’s pockets. So I told myself that I’m not really getting to where I want to be. My dreams and aspirations were not being met. So I moved from HR into being a database provider to various corporates. It was during one of my meetings with a corporate, in a very casual conversation with the manager head that I understood that they had a constant requirement for leasing for their corporate honchos and their corporate profiles. That day, when I went back home, I could not sleep. It was like the universe calling out to me. It was like, I was restless the whole night. I felt real estate was something that I can do. Believe me, I have no background in real estate, there has been no family-oriented business about real estate. So for me to get into a domain, which was unknown, was quite a challenge.

Real Estate by itself is a profession, where the sky is the limit. So while I was a database vendor, I started my research to understand how do real estate businesses run and what it takes to do a business transaction? And thats how in 2010, I successfully understood and concluded my first transaction. And then there was no looking back. It was as if I was being guided to where ultimately, I need to be, and I must be.

So in my humble understanding of this business, it’s one of the most exciting businesses and it’s full of adventures and miracles. There’s so much to learn in this business.

Real estate is all about networking. Networking with customers, networking with brokers, networking with builders, networking with the who’s who. And if you really understand this business, it’s like being at the right time at the right place, and with the right people. So while I was all out, getting to structure my real estate business, handling sales, handling leasing, studying the various strategies that were emerging in the markets, at that point of time, we had GST that was introduced. There was so much development that was happening on the professional side of real estate. At that point of time, I was felicitated by two top-notch builders across India — The Sunteck Realty and the Lodha Group for my contribution as a Channel Partner with them. This gave me a real boost to my business. We also had GST and RERA that was introduced and a lot was emerging in the real estate markets.

What does a day in your life look like being a Founder and CEO?

Well, each day is more exciting than the previous day and there so much happening in our consultant’s life. We have project viewings, clientele inspections, closure meetings, channel partner meetings, team reviews on inventories and data and lots more. In fact, that reminds me, last financial year (April 2020 — May 2020), because of the lockdown, there was something very amazing I did for the real estate fraternity. It was about The Incredible Realtors Masterclasses — so that we all could grow digitally. Because, ultimately real estate is something which is more a one-on-one and owing to the lockdown, we have to find and discover innovative strategies. It was a nonprofit initiative. I had realtors, brokers, different consultants joining in on this platform of the incredible realtors master classroom all over India. I hired the best of the trainers, I hired some brilliant coaches. And those two months of lockdown in Mumbai were filled with so much learning that went a long way in expanding our businesses digitally.

And this financial year, the lockdown repeated and although there was a e-book in me waiting to get out, I never knew this will happen so fast. I completed my e-book and self-published it — The Incredible Mindset — which talks about the seven most powerful tools an individual can use to achieve anything that your heart ever, ever desired.

What would be your message to the young entrepreneurs who are just starting?

Well, I must admit that today’s young entrepreneurs are really very dynamic. And they are so digitally and technically savvy. There’s one thing I realized, though, that they lack patience. They want everything overnight. So what I would like to share with them is a quote by the late Steve Jobs — there’s a difference between successful entrepreneurs and non-successful entrepreneurs. And the only difference is perseverance. So my message to the young entrepreneurs is to keep going no matter what. And until you get there, whatever challenges come along your way, just stay focused, and let all the obstacles be overrun by you.

What is the one activity or thing that you cannot start your day without?

I wake up in the morning and the first few hours are my me time. I go into the zone of gratitude. I’m so involved in my meditation that I’m in a different zone. And as soon as I’m done with my meditation, which goes on for almost an hour, I spend a lot of my time introspecting on various aspects of my life. And believe me, that one and a half hours is what sets my day. That gives me the momentum to bring about a day full of joy, a day full of enthusiasm, a day full of adventure, and miracles. As I said, it’s all about the way I start my day. And that is what gets incorporated into my business. Because real estate is purely an adventure, mystical in its own ways.

What is the one thing outside of work that you take interest in?

Well, I’m happy to share with you that although real estate keeps me busy, whenever I do get time, I use my time in empowering and impacting mindsets — I’m also a certified transformation coach. I spend time enabling people to overcome their success blockers their money blockers, hidden challenges and how they can face them.

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